6 Steps for Going Viral And Becoming An Instagram Superstar

how to become viral on instagram

Given the popularity of Instagram and the opportunities that it provides for personal and corporate promotions, there’s really no surprise that so many people are using this platform to build personal blogs for money or build their business.

With over 500 million monthly users, just imagine how many chances you have to find and attract an audience that shares your values or be interested in the services or goods that you offer.

However, in order to achieve success in this platform, you need to be unique and stand out from the crowd so that your potential audience will notice you. And because more and more people and businesses seeing Instagram’s potentials, the competition can be quite daunting.

Still, it is no reason to give up. With a planned approach and the following steps below on how to become viral on Instagram, you should be able to be the Instagram superstar you’re dreaming of!

6 Steps On How To Go Viral On Instagram 2020

1 – It Always Starts On Your Account

First off, you need to start with your account.

How do you expect to go viral if you do not have the proper settings in place?

Make sure that your Instagram account is complete. You can start by switching to a business account since there’s a good chance for business accounts to be chosen by the platform to pop up on the Explore page.

After that, go through every detail on your account. Fix every problem you notice. Is your bio concise and satisfying? Is it well-structured, explaining enough about who you are and what you’re doing on Instagram?

Don’t leave your “About Me” section empty. If you’re promoting a business account, then you can add a link to your website. This way your followers should be able to find it easily.

You need to stop being so lazy and start taking care of your account. Any detail counts, so make sure not to leave anything blank.

2 – High-Quality Content Only

viral instagram hashtags

After setting up your account, it is time to engage in the content you post. Every story or direct posts you make should be appealing, interesting, engaging and informative. Otherwise, people will end up scrolling over without even reading the rest of your captions.

So, how do you create high-quality content that will stop your audience from scrolling?

Use images and videos that resonate with what you are trying to say. You do not need to be a graphic designer or photographer to make attractive images and videos. Simple tools like Canva allows you to make everything you need.

Then pair it with creative captions complete with emojis. While it may sound surprising, using a few emojis on your captions make it more attractive, according to studies.

Also, try to have a unique and consistent style for your Instagram page. Have a special style or color theme that can help you stand out. Instagram pages that use color patterns and themes in their feed tend to have more engagement than does who don’t.

In addition, hashtags are crucial. Using relative and viral Instagram hashtags (short and long) allows you to be easily found by Instagrammers.

3 – The Best Time To Post

Do I really need to time my posts?


In order to go viral on Instagram, you need to find the perfect time to posts those contents on your drafts.

You need to publish your content at the best times possible.

For instance, if you choose to publish your content in the middle of the night, most of your followers might be sleeping and it is highly possible that it’ll be lost in their feeds. Thus, nobody will more likely notice it.

Now, when you publish content during the rush hours, say during break times like 12 noon, your chances to be seen by your followers and getting more engagement are much higher. However, it can also mean that your post getting lost in the midst of other posts from competitors.

This is why it is important that you experiment on it and analyze your audience’s activity. Try out different times to determine the most active hours of your followers. This way, the net time you hit that publish button, you know that it is the perfect time to get engagements.

4 – Run Contests

how to become viral on instagram

Want to engage your loyal followers? What better way to do that than running Instagram contests. You’ll be amazed at how many people participate especially if you offer a reward.

Humans just love competition. And even more so with the reward that comes with acing it!

So, make sure to design contests and asking your audience to participate. This should help you getting viral faster on Instagram.

Another great benefit of contests is that you can set the rules yourself. For instance, you can make a contest for your audience to comment on a picture of their best vacation and mentioning 3 friends on the post. Just imagine the reach that you will get!

5 – Partner With Influencers

how to get viral on instagram

This is probably one of the quickest ways on how to get viral on Instagram!

Never underestimate the power of influencers, even those only having thousands to tens of thousands of followers.

After all, they are people who gained the trust of their followers and have a solid and loyal audience. Just a mention of your page on their story or even a repost on one of your feeds can welcome hundreds if not thousands of new followers on your page, increasing engagement and making Instagram notice you.

6 – Use Social Escalation

how to grow your instagram followers

Finally, if you want an effortless and easy way to go viral on Instagram then consider Social Escalation.

It is a smart platform that helps grow your Instagram account and increase your chance to go viral.

So, what does it do?

For one, it grows your engagement and followers by automating your account and performing daily actions that get you targeted followers. The platform scans and finds stories that have the voting option, allowing you to engage with these stories and increasing your reach and influence.  

It also targets your competitors and bringing their audience into your profile, so they can see what makes you different. In addition, Social Escalation offers you tools that help your Instagram page gain more likes, followers, interactions and comments, increasing your engagement, and going viral on Instagram.

Finally, Social Escalation promises only real results since they only engage with real accounts that are based on your targeted audience.

This is a unique instagram growth service which bring in a surge of real followers and likes and overall organic instagram growth.

For more please check the plans – Instagram Organic Growth Service

Thank for reading and for more tips on Instagram marketing stay tuned to our blog.

6 Steps for Going Viral And Becoming An Instagram Superstar

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