How To Manage Instagram Highlights


Take a moment to think about how to manage instagram highlights a mall filled with customers with various interests, there for various business reasons, that’s what Instagram is.

Though a social media platform for meeting new persons and interacting with them, Instagram has evolved into a market. It seems to many that Instagram is over crowded but businesses are still hitting it big on the social platform.

Every now and then Mark introduces new features to not only make it exciting, but  to make it easier for  businesses to connect with potential customers. One of such features is the Instagram Story Highlight

●     What Are Instagram Story Highlights?

instagram story highlightsAn active Instagram story disappears after 24 hours. In order to provide an option for users to save some of their uploaded stories, the highlight feature was introduced.

An Instagram Highlight is a folder–like feature that appears on your profile. How to manage instagram highlights this means that an active or archived story can be saved in a highlight that would be displayed right under your bio.

Highlights consists of:

● Highlight covers

An option that allows for you to add an image or icon that represents the story saved in it.

● Highlight name

An option to name the highlight like you would name folders in your computer.

● How To Create Instagram Highlights:

instagram highlights ideasHighlights can be created manually by saving active stories in a highlight, or if you have your archive section activated, how to manage instagram highlights your stories would automatically save to your archive section, and you can choose which story should be saved in a highlight in future.

Let’s discuss how you can create highlights using any of the aforementioned methods.

● Creating highlights from active stories

HOW TO MANAGE INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTSIf you’ve got an active story that you want added to to your highlight, follow the steps below:

  1. Click to view a story
  2. Click on the Highlight option
  3. To create a new highlight, click on the Plus Icon
  4. Add a name to your new highlight
  5. Tap the button Add.

Once you do this, you’ll find your new highlight added to your profile and can be viewed after the 24 hour story time has elapsed.

● Creating Highlights From Archived Stories

To create highlights from your archived stories, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top
  2. Click on Archive and select Stories archive
  3. Click on any of your past stories
  4. Click the highlight option below
  5. To create a new highlight, click on the Plus Icon
  6. Add a name to your new highlight
  7. Click on the Add icon.

You can always add in more stores to an highlight at any time. Follow these steps:instagram highlights ideas


  1.  Go to your profile and hold down the highlight you want to edit
  2. Tap on Edit Highlight
  3. Tap Add and choose the story you want
  4. Click on Done.

Through the Edit Highlight icon,  you can also edit a  current highlight, its cover image and text. You can also delete the highlight by tapping on Delete Highlight.

Finally, let’s examine how to add Instagram highlight covers or icons.

●How To Add Instagram Highlight Covers Or Icons:

instagram story highlightsInstagram images are usually the images selected for a particular highlight. However, we’ll show you how to change the highlight covers without sharing them to your story.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your profile, click on the Highlight you want to edit
  2. Click Edit Highlight
  3. Click Edit Cover
  4. Select the photo from your Camera Roll
  5. Click Done.


 Instagram highlights when effectively managed can help you showcase certain products or services, show a past or active story you want your audience to see your, and help prospects connect with your brand.

How To Manage Instagram Highlights

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