Your ultimate guide on how to start a fitness instagram

how to start a fitness instagram

With Instagram becoming the strongest pillar of social media marketing, it has become imperative to have a strong foothold on it for the success of not only your business but also if you wish to build your own brand image. Quite often, we come across profiles of individuals with thousands of followers on their Instagram accounts.

For many of us, achieving even a few thousand followers appears to be a farfetched dream. But as the exalted fitness slogan goes – “No gain without pain”, achieving followers on Instagram is pretty much achievable.

If you have contemplated upon starting a fitness account on Instagram, there will always be plenty of factors that can determine whether you will make it or not. We have listed down all that you need to know about how to start a fitness Instagram

1 Make a new account dedicated only to your fitness journey:

dedicated fitness instagram

Many times, we face questions like- should I make a separate Instagram for fitness?, can I continue to use my personal account for posting my fitness videos?

The answer to this is- YES, preferably you should be making a new, fresh account dedicated only to your fitness journey. Using, your current account doubling up as a fitness account may not help you grow as much as dedicated & streamlined, niche account will help you grow.

To this dedicated fitness account, you can post your workout photos and videos, share your progress and even share your diet suggestions.

2 Creating a strong profile:

how to start a fitness journey blog

Now that you have selected your niche as fitness, keeping in mind your niche, you also have to build a strong Instagram profile. This is a crucial step as your profile is the first thing that people will notice and form a first impression about you. You need to make a long-lasting impression right away.

The four most important factors that your potential followers will notice are-

User name: One of the first few things that a potential follower will see on your profile is your username. Keep it easy to recollect and relevant to the fitness niche. You can always look up for fitness instagram handle ideas on the web.

Profile photo: Technically, the face of your account. You must use a clear, descriptive picture in this section. It can be either your photograph or a professional business logo.

Bio: A bio describes what is your account made up of, to whom does it cater to or just simple information about you. It is essential to include keywords in your bio to help potential followers find your content in the vast ocean of photos and videos on the Instagram.

Link: A study has shown that profiles with a website link in the bio have performed much better compared to profiles with no links in their bio. Having a website link in your bio increases the trust worthiness of your account altogether. Make sure to not post any broken links in your bio section as this creates a bad impression in the minds of your potential followers.

Apart from these, make sure that your account is public and not private. This will allow you to be found in search results and rank in various hashtag groups. And to get adequate insights about how your account is performing, don’t forget to switch to a business profile as important data available to grow your account.

3 Post High quality photos and videos:

instagram fitness photo ideas

This goes without saying. With everyone elevating their Instagram game by the day, it has become mandatory to focus on the quality of the content you will be posting on your fitness account.

The content has to be of top-notch in terms of quality as well as it should provide value to the potential followers, they won’t follow you unless your content adds much value to their lifestyle.

Some fitness instagram post ideas we would recommend- before and after pictures of yourself or someone who has benefitted from your workout regimen, sharing your diet secrets or just sharing your daily workout schedule.

4 Accompany your photos and videos with meaningful captions:

Uploading high quality and value-added pictures and videos on your fitness would not alone suffice. You also need to add some caption to your photo or video to build up the interest of your followers.Some people prefer keeping their captions short and straightforward while others tend to write inspiring and in-detail captions under their Instagram posts.

The word limit for writing Instagram captions is about 2200 words. If you ask us, we suggest you to write down a detailed caption describing your photos or videos along with a CTA.

CTA stands for Call To Action. It is nothing but a direction you give to your follower to perform or complete a certain action. Some examples of CTA- ‘Like & comment below’ and ‘Click on the Link in the Bio’. CTAs help to increase the engagement on your posts.

5 Make use of relevant hashtags:

instagram fitness hashtags for followers

One of the most critical, rather unique aspects of Instagram is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are nothing but words that make your post discoverable by a large number of audiences, not necessarily the people who follow your account. In a way, they are similar to the keywords we use while blogging.
The limit of hashtags you can use on per Instagram posts in 30.

It is necessary to make use of relevant hashtags while uploading a fitness photo or video. You cannot share a workout video and simply add the hashtag like #hollywood to get more audience. The hashtag should match your post.

It is always advisable to do a hashtag research for your post before posting. In case, you are confused about which hashtags to use, you can always check what people with accounts similar to yours are posting.

6 Follow accounts that inspire you:

The people you follow on the Instagram literally define you. The accounts you follow tells so much about your likes, choices and brand preferences.

Make a list of accounts from the fitness industry like fitness products and fitness influencers that inspire you to level up.
You can also search for accounts that are on a fitness journey similar to yours and follow them. This will give you some much-needed inspiration.

A few years back, Instagram rolled out a new feature where you could follow hashtags as well. You can also jot down fitness-related hashtags and follow them.

7 Engage with your followers:

Your tasks of how to start a fitness instagram doesn’t end with just creating your profile and posting high-quality photos and videos. The uphill task has just begun. You need to interact with everyone who is following you back.

The first step in building this interaction is following back every person who has followed your fitness Instagram account. Liking and commenting on their posts would help you build a strong relationship. 

You can follow other accounts within your fitness niche with goals and content similar to yours. Although, we don’t recommend the Follow-Unfollow method (Follow-Unfollow is where people follow accounts and then immediately unfollow them once they follow you back). Due to the latest changes on Instagram, your account might get action blocks for doing this.

Also, if you just keep on following and unfollowing accounts, you will most certainly not build up any engagement on your accounts let alone building a strong relationship with your fitness instagram followers.

8 Use Instagram Stories:

instagram story for fitness

Instagram Stories, a new feature introduced by the company, back in 2016, can be one of your key strategies to market your fitness Instagram account. The stories on your Instagram account lasts for only 24 hours.

If you are in a mood to create something non-permanent on your Instagram and don’t feel like sharing some photos and videos, the ‘Story’ would be your go-to feature. As it is temporary and you can get all creative with your story.

You have options to add features like geographic location tagging, hashtags, polls, quizzes, gifs and stickers to your story.

Although you can add to your story a lot many times every day, we would recommend adding upto 5-6 stories per day. That way your account won’t appear spammy to your followers.

9 Go Live on Instagram:

instagram live for fitness

According to some recent marketing surveys, an account that goes live on Instagram or shares some video content in their stories appears much more reliable and true to their followers.

You can go live on Instagram during your workout sessions or simply go live and do a Q and A session for your followers and share some information about you or maybe share some fitness tips that you have tried out and deeply believe in.

Using the Live feature on Instagram will give your account credibility over similar accounts and might leverage you in getting more followers.

10 Reach Out Brands for Collaborations:

instagram fitness brand ambassador application

If you want to know how to make money on instagram fitness, you ought not to miss out reading this point. Brand collaborations are the main earning stream on Instagram. 

Brands enter into collaborations with accounts that can get them more visibility and in turn increase their sales. These collaborations can either be on a monetary or barter basis.

Some brands might pay you for endorsing them while some might send you their products for usage and reviews. 

A majority of times, people on Instagram wait for brands to reach out to them, this is wrong. There are several accounts on Instagram, to set yourself apart, send across a message to the brand you want to endorse asking whether you could collaborate with them.

11 Host a Contest or a Giveaway:

There is no one who doesn’t like gifts or to win something. You can use this strategy to accelerate the number of followers on your fitness Instagram account.

While holding a contest or a giveaway on your fitness account, bear in mind factors like the prize you select for the contest/giveaway, time duration of the contest/giveaway and the guidelines to participate. You need to clearly mention them to avoid any contest/giveaway related complications.

By holding such contests and giveaways, you will notice a considerable spike in the number of followers and also an increase in engagement on your posts.

Hope you liked our article on how to start a fitness instagram. Feel free to write down in the comments and also let us know if we missed out on any point which needed to be discussed.

Your ultimate guide on how to start a fitness instagram

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